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Simple . All inside YOULI —V series touch machine Very narrow frame design, PC+TV+TOUCH modular design…..

All . Just in one whiteboard YOULI — L series whiteboard integrated machine PC, NFC, high power, high shot instrument and audio amplifier……

Blossom . Unlimited potential YOULI — A series whiteboard integrated machine Infrared multi touch, high speed reaction, aluminum alloy frame……

Education and business intelligence, service system brand
YOULI is a high-tech enterprise specializing in Yu Zhihui education informatization. At present, we have the engineering department, production department, R & D department, domestic sales department and overseas sales department...
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Shanxi YouLi Information & Technology Co.,Ltd
ADD:Room 611A, Surveying and Mapping science
and technology building B ,No.334, Friendship East
Road, Beilin District,Xi’an City ,China
+86-029-8788 8517
+86-029-8788 8517

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